Fatelink Productions, llc. &
Highways Performance Space
Artistic Director, Leo Garcia
are proud to present

The Sermons of John Bradley

Nobody paid much attention to John Bradley.   There were even whispers that he wasn’t half as much a man as his father – the Reverend Matthew Bradley – a fiery, flamboyant Texas preacher with a pristine moral conscience.  Everybody hung on preacher’s every metaphor.  Everybody turned to the preacher when they were in trouble.  Everybody trusted in his word.

Nobody really cared what John Bradley had to say.  That is….until things changed.  Until shocking and naughty pictures of Reverend Matthew Bradley show up on the Internet and destroy the fantasy reputation he’d spent 25 years building.  The Bradley’s anoint John to sway the furious churchgoers towards forgiveness, and in so doing, John discovers a voice, a voice with the ability to persuade, manipulate and win.

As John makes his own way in the world, he uses his voice to connect with very different audiences, but discovers that, like his father, he too has the power to change the dynamics of his private life through public forums.  He too can build a public reputation.  He too can become a leader. But what is the cost of charisma?  And is John ever really being real or is his whole life a front, with nothing behind the mask except another mask?

Shaman will lead you in this examination of the life of John Bradley. 

Prepare for death.

Friday, April 10th – Saturday April 11th @ 8:30 p.m.

Highways Performance Space
1651 18th Street
@ 18th Street Arts Center
(½ block north of Olympic Blvd.)
Santa Monica, CA 90404

General Admission: $20

Ticket Information/Phone Reservations: 310-315-1459
Purchase tickets online @ www.highwaysperformance.org




Written & Performed by:
Hunter Lee Hughes

Camille Carida as Shaman &
Gavyn Michaels as Trevor

Produced by: Elizabeth Gordon

Choreography by: Ashley Osler

Original Photographs by Ev Dylan &
Ken Gonzales-Day


Praise for The Sermons of John Bradley